Mighty Matapeake Multisport Festival

Sat September 25, 2021 Stevensville, MD 21666 US Directions
Tuesday Email - Swim

Good evening everyone! In continuing our emails about our course, we wanted to go over the Swim Course with you. Duathletes.... you may leave the room..... 

Ok! Now that THEY are gone, the swim at the venue isn't anything to be scared of. First and foremost, water temperature this morning was around 64 degrees. That means WETSUIT LEGAL, and we certainly encourage them. The swim IS on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay BUT it is in anywhere from 3 to 4 feet of water, so if you start to panic, you can stand up. This depth actually goes out significantly farther than we originally thought, so there is NO fear of you going out too far. 3 feet of water, 64 degrees... check... 

So how do we do a swim in COVID-19 times? We do this by allowing SELF SEEDED swim starts. 10 folks at a time will enter the water.  Remember we gave you a disposable facemask in the bag we discussed on Monday's email? This is where its journey comes to an end. As you enter the water, there will be a trashcan for you to throw your mask in to. 

In order to enter the water for the start, these 10 MUST CROSS OVER THE TIMING MAT. Once they cross the mat, they will move towards a green buoy in the water. YOU HAVE NOT STARTED YET!!! Once everyone is around the buoy, we will count down the start and you will be assigned to that gunshot wave. We will wait about 20 seconds, to make sure that everyone is alright and then we will load another 10 swimmers across the timing mat. This process is very precise and must be done in an orderly fashion, so that we can accurately record everyone's start time. 

You are going to be aiming for ORANGE BUOYS. Orange buoys are your TURN BUOYS. Keep the two orange buoys at the end of the course on your RIGHT. Swim back towards the beach area where you will see one last orange buoy. THIS BUOY YOU PASS TO YOUR LEFT SIDE, so you have to go around the buoy to finish. 

Should you want to leave a pair of sandals or flip flops at the swim exit to put on for the run up the trail and to your bike, please do so in an orderly manner. 

Want to see what everything looks like? Check out the video we created TODAY on site at https://youtu.be/Yd78h3DaqXA

We will also be placing this email at the top of the page (under the EMAILS tab) and will try to pin the video at the bottom of the page as well. 

Please reach out (info@tcreventmanagement.com) if you have any questions. With the current water and air temperatures projected for Saturday morning, we are still expecting to have the full distance swim. If you are concerned with cooler temperatures that what you are used to, please reach out and let us know and we will switch you over to the DUATHLON event (.9 mile run, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run). 

Thank you and tomorrow we will discuss TRANSITION and the bike course!




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