Mighty Matapeake Multisport Festival

Sat September 25, 2021 Stevensville, MD 21666 US Directions
Monday - Race Morning

We realize that some of the emails coming from the RunSignUp site have hit SPAM filters, so we are sending emails through our regular email, as well as RSU. Sorry for the redundancy, but we want to make sure that everyone gets these!!!

Thank you for being a part of the inaugural Mighty Matapeake Multisport Festival in beautiful Stevensville, Maryland this coming Saturday. We wanted to reach out with a breakdown of the events this week, starting today with what you should expect that may be different from races you have done in the past. COVID-19 has WRECKED this year for many of us, and we have been trying to put on real races for athletes to be able to get out and celebrate their fitness. The Mighty Matapeake Multisport festival is the 2nd of 3 sprint triathlons that we have been able to produce here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. NEXT week (Oct 25th) will be final event at the Pocomoke Triathlon (www.PocomokeTriathlon.com), which will also be a USA Triathlon sanctioned event. 

So what should you expect for the Matapeake race? The biggest change that you will see will be an assortment of mitigation strategies designed to keep everyone safe on race day. 

On Friday morning at 8am, we will send out an email with a Google Form link to a COVID questionnaire. You MUST electronically fill this form out before you are allowed to enter in to transition. You do NOT have to print this form out. We will capture an electronic signature when you complete the form. If you do NOT fill out the form prior to race morning, you will have to do so prior to entering in transition. No completion? No race... 

For those of you having a hard time getting these emails, we will also post the form at the top of www.MightyMatapeakeTri.com on Friday morning at 8am. You only need to complete the form once and you DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT IT. 

As you enter Sonny Schulz Blvd, you will see parking flags and arrows, pointing you to a parking lot to the left. This is our main parking area. We ask that you respect the businesses that are in the area and not park in any of the business lots that may be open on Saturday. Please try to NOT park on Sonny Schulz Blvd, as this is our Bike In/Bike Out route!

First and foremost, MASKS.. Masks are mandatory from the time you exit your vehicle to the time you get in the water. To help with that, we have an abundance of disposal masks on site, as we wouldn't want you ruining your favorite buff or mask with a swim! You will actually find a disposable mask waiting for you in your Packet at your bike rack (more on that later). This disposable mask is designed for just a few minutes of use and is for you to wear from transition, down to the swim area. There you will find a trashcan, right by the water's edge, for you to get rid of the mask. Wearing this will help us keep everyone as safe as we are able to with a small beach area start. 

You do NOT have to wear a mask during the race, but we do ask that you put a mask on when you are done (and have caught your breath). All of our volunteers and staff members will have masks on as well, to keep THEM safe!!

There is no packet pickup the day before the race. Your bib numbers will be assigned around Wednesday of this week and will be available on the registration site by looking in FIND A PARTICIPANT at the top of the page. When you approach transition, have your bike and your Photo ID with you. Our crew will take your temperature (no temperatures over 100.4) prior to you entering in to transition and then you will be directed to your rack position. THERE ARE TWO BIKES PER RACK, and you will find your bag waiting for you at your position. We created a video of everything that you will find in your packet at https://youtu.be/jNmDQvovurE and we placed that at the bottom of the page at www.MightyMatapeakeTriathlon.com 

In your packet you will find a sticker set (big sticker for your bike, little sticker for your helmet, leftover little stickers for your..... um....  whatever you want to put a number on?). You will also find your bib (only need to wear on the run, on the front of your clothes so the photographer can know who you are), your SWAG (who knew that meant Stuff We All Get?!?), a hand sanitizer wipe, disposable mask, and most importantly your TIMING STRAP. Put that strap on your ankle as soon as you get in!!! (I prefer my left ankle). You will also find a black marker. We want you to write, ON YOURSELF, your bib number on your shoulders. If you are bendy enough, you can write your age on your calf too, but PLEASE DO NOT ASK SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THIS. We are trying to reduce touch points....

We ask that you arrive as early as you can as we would like to have everyone OUT OF TRANSITION BY 0750 am!! We will allow athletes in transition at 645 am. Transition will be CLOSED by 8am, for an on time start. 

IF someone needs to be on site with you, we ask that they please wear a mask. We have encouraged everyone to sign up as a Volunteer on the CHEER SQUAD portion of the volunteer page. There won't be anything for them to do, but it DOES allow for us to be able to know who is on site. 



If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@tcreventmanagement.com any time!!

 For anyone who did not get last week's email with the Athlete Guide, we are attaching it to this email, and we have put it at the top of the page. We are also going to include each of this week's emails at the top of the page at www.MightyMatapeakeTri.com, to keep everyone up to date!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will discuss the SWIM and its self seeded, 10 person, start. 


Jason Chance
TCR Event Management

USA Triathlon Certified Race Director
RRCA Certified Race Director


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